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If your home’s siding is faded, cracked, or missing in places, it’s not just a cosmetic issue. Your home’s structural integrity could be at risk. When there’s damage to the siding, moisture, mold, and even insects can find their way into your home, leading to serious damage. With siding installation or repair from NC Roofing & Repairs, you can feel confident that your home’s exterior will not only look amazing, it will effectively protect what’s inside.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Siding

Whether you have wood, aluminum, or vinyl siding, over time it will need to be replaced. Though sometimes small areas of damage can be repaired or just a few pieces can be replaced, consider these signs it’s time to have new siding installed on your home.

Areas of Rot and Deterioration

This is more of a concern with wood siding, but if you see areas of rot, where the siding is split, crumbling, or deteriorating, it’s time to replace it with a more weather-resistant material.

Cracks, Chips, and Missing Pieces

If there are holes in your siding, from thin cracks and small chips to missing sections, those are allowing energy to escape and moisture to come in, both of which are serious problems. When it’s only one piece of cracked or chipped siding, especially vinyl, that can be replaced, but when the damage is extensive or your siding is over 20 years old, it may be time for comprehensive siding replacement. Equally, storms and hurricanes can be a major issue in North Carolina during the summer months, so it’s important to make sure your roof is at its best, to reduce the chances of storm damage.

Excessive Maintenance

While vinyl siding is easy to care for, wood and aluminum are harder to take care of. Both require repainting periodically, and while wood is prone to developing rot, aluminum can corrode if not properly cared for. Instead of worrying about maintenance, consider vinyl siding that’s almost completely maintenance free.

Bulging or Warping

If you see areas where the siding appears to be bowed outward, warped, or bulging, that is a cause for alarm. Heat may have caused expanding and contracting that caused the siding to bow, or it was nailed too tightly. On the other hand, there may be water and rot behind the siding that needs to be addressed.

Our Siding Installation Process

When you need to have new siding put on your home, we can help. A member of our team will come out and do a comprehensive inspection, including inspecting your soffits, fascia, and gutters. Often, when replacing siding, those elements also need to be replaced. We will provide you with a quote and discuss your options for colors and styles.

On the day our licensed, insured team begins work, we will take care to have the area around your home clear to prevent any damage as we remove old siding, soffits, or fascia. We’ll work quickly to both remove and replace your exterior cladding to minimize disruption, and when the work is complete, our team will do a thorough cleanup to make sure no trash, old siding, or nails were left behind. We will also walk the property with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the work we did.

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