Storm Damage Roof Repair

While you may only think that a hurricane or tornado can cause serious damage, the reality is that even a thunderstorm with hail and high winds over 45 miles per hour or an ice storm can lead to a storm damaged roof. Sometimes the missing or damaged shingles and water damage in your attic are obvious, but other times the signs are less clear and will only be seen under a professional inspection. NC Roofing and Repairs offers free roof inspections and will work with your insurance company to make sure your home is safe and secure, in the event you need roof repairs or even a whole roof replacement.


Signs of a Storm Damaged Roof

Whether the remnants of a hurricane have moved through town or simply a nasty summer storm popped up, if there was hail, heavy rain, and high winds, your roof has taken a beating. Once it’s safe to go outside, we recommend looking for signs of storm damage to your roof.

Note: We don’t recommend climbing on your roof to look it over. Instead, use binoculars or even call a professional.

  • Missing shingles
  • Granule loss on the shingles, often in horizontal lines where the shingle has flipped upwards and cracked;
  • Tree limbs and debris on the roof;
  • Broken gutters;
  • Cracks and dents on the shingles from hail;
  • Visible ceiling stains from moisture;
  • Pooling of water around the vent pipes and chimney;
  • Debris on the ground, such as shingles, metal fascia, or pieces of gutter;

Write down any issues you see and take pictures of the damage you found. If the damage is severe, such as a tree has damaged it, safely evacuate.

What to Do When You Have Roof Damage

If your home is safe to be in, make temporary fixes to minimize any damage, such as placing a container under a roof leak and finding a safe, dry spot for valuables. Once that’s complete, call your insurance agency. Ask them to send out an adjuster to look for damage and get an estimate, then you’ll want to reach out to an experienced roofing repair company, such as NC Roofing and Repairs. We work with insurance companies regularly and are also dedicated to restoring or replacing a roof to ensure your home is safe and secure.

Why Choose Us for Storm Damaged Roof Repairs and Replacement

At NC Roofing and Repairs, we believe in providing excellent service and solutions to our customers at affordable, accessible prices. With free roof inspections and affordable roof leak repair services, you can feel confident that you have a roofing contractor who’s on your side to help you keep your home dry and in good condition. With several years of roofing experience and an equipment inventory with the latest tools and gear, our repairs and replacements are completed efficiently, with minimal hassle and stress for homeowners and end results you can rely on!

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